Thursday, 24 January 2013

Making time to experiment for Your Blog

Making time to experiment:

Many bloggers have at least two major tasks: writing or blogging, and running their businesses (which may be on- or off-blog). experimentation and practical research adds another challenge to the mix, but Amy makes this work with a combination of planning, discipline, and regimentation. When we interviewed her, she’d just been planning her work for the year ahead so she could “hit the ground running” on January 3. “What I’ve been doing is making sure that I have everything in place so that I know what I’m selling, and what I’m promoting, and what I’m creating every single month of 2012,” Amy explains. “Now I won’t stick to it perfectly, but at least I’ll have a good idea as to how I’ll be spending my time.” she uses a physical calendar as well as google Calendars, and employs a detailed system of color-coding. “I actually have to have something visual to look at deadlines on a calendar,” Amy explains. “I’m a visual person.” While she describes this approach as “old-school” she feels that, “Part of being successful, productive and efficient is knowing your own style and then trying not to fight it, but just getting really good at streamlining it. That works for me.”



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